TD (1955 / Harare, Zimbabwe.)

Windows Of Light

Windows often let in warm light,
Reflecting rays of sunshine oh! so bright,

Eyes can act like windows to the soul;
While poets lay bare their true thoughts towards a goal,

They too shed an inspiring gleam of their own;
Where their poetry can brighten up another's life finding a home

To dwell upon someone's heart like a lasting treasure to remember,
Instead of some empty ashes of dying embers,

Some poems will flash by like a comet quickly out of sight;
While others quietly sparkle like stars in the night,

Poets hope to leave an indeliable mark,
If only for a short time they are a beacon out of the dark.


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Comments (4)

Of love and the seasons are always good subjects, be they happy or sad and you have managed both. Very well executed Terry. I love the lines Her loveliness is Reason, Her reluctance dismays! & the last stanza.
Seasons and moods, go together.......well written.
Wonderfully executed poem, light, airy, filled with imagery, ending on a note of sadness within, knowing you are not the one. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
A lovely poem, Terry. Thanks