Girl, Why Do You Tolerate His Nonsense

Poem By Ronell Warren Alman

Girl, when I look at your face
I could see that you are hurt
Tears are falling from your face
Because your boyfriend doesn't know your worth
But, with everything that has occurred
You choose to stick by his side
Instead of fighting for what is right
You just hide behind a wall of pride
Girl, why do you tolerate his nonsense
He just breaks your heart in two
Very destructive in many ways
You just do not know what to do
Girl, when I spoke to you the other day
You seemed so unsure of yourself
Nothing was going right for you
You were in dire need of some help
If you would have listened to me
You would not face this situation
You need to do some good-hearted soul searching
And just totally rise to the occassion
Girl, I want to talk to you for a moment
You need to wake up and see the light
You have so much to live for
Don't you know that your future looks very bright

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