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Girl With Balloons
LMG (May 12,1991, / Aurora)

Girl With Balloons

I sit on the dock
Holding balloons
Thinking “Why? ”
And what did I do?
I lay my head on my knees,
Smelling the ocean air,
And how I’m going to freeze.
I don’t’ know why I’m sitting here
Watching the clouds float by
It’s just better than being there.
My hood is up.
I’m hiding my eyes
I don’t want the world
To see me cry.
Red, Yellow, Green, Purple and Blue
These colors make me happy
They are what I grew up to.
Green for curiosity and red for anger,
Purple for pride, and yellow for danger.
Blue, oh boy, blue.
This bold color is for sadness,
Probably depression too.
Millions of thoughts
Racing through my mind
And all of the tiny battles I have fought.
It’s getting close to night,
And I’m feeling all of these colors,
My chest feels so tight.
One color right after the next,
I feel like this is from god,
This million question text.
I’m feeling exhausted
And I’m about ready to go,
I think I’ve almost lost it,
Like I’m going too slow.
I let one balloon go right after another,
Feeling blue still, oh brother.

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