Girl Without A Face

I saw you there in desperate need
Hoping so much to conclude your dream
Inside you were suffering
And aching to scream

Her face you could not see
Her voice you could not hear
And each time you awoke you shed a little tear

You needed to close this chapter in your book
But all you needed was one final look
There seemed no way to pass this brick wall
And finally you came so close to a fall

But I found you and you found me
When I was down and I could not see
At a time of loss and grief and pain
You helped me learn to see again

A photo was found which I passed onto you
so I hope you can cope with your feelings so true

by Lisa Cresswell Wilkinson

Comments (7)

Lisa, the compassion shine through this gem. I hope they found the daughter they were looking for. It brought back fond memories of the first time I spoke to my brother who I never knew I had. It is a long story I will tell you sometime. Beautifully written poem. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
A poem filled with compassion, I hope when all was said and done there were happy times to come. Excellent write Lisa, a big (10) from me---Melvina---
A wondeful compassion shines in this poem! beautiful, starr
Lisa This poem is as Duncan says it is a poem of awesome proportions, a fine poem written by a fine person who feels more for other people than herself, a truely brilliant poem. cheers Sylvie.
A poem of awesome proportions, the sheer delight in knowing that we can be of a service that helps others, you have written this with much feeling and you sound like a wonderful friend to know Love Duncan X
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