Oh Africa My Africa

Oh Africa my Africa land of diamonds. Oh africa my Africa land of great kings Shaka, Haile Silasi, mandela to name a few. Oh mother Africa my Africa rich in gold.oh Africa my africa full of beautful women. Yes africa my africa land of real nature.

by George mwandu

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Lisa, the compassion shine through this gem. I hope they found the daughter they were looking for. It brought back fond memories of the first time I spoke to my brother who I never knew I had. It is a long story I will tell you sometime. Beautifully written poem. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
A poem filled with compassion, I hope when all was said and done there were happy times to come. Excellent write Lisa, a big (10) from me---Melvina---
A wondeful compassion shines in this poem! beautiful, starr
Lisa This poem is as Duncan says it is a poem of awesome proportions, a fine poem written by a fine person who feels more for other people than herself, a truely brilliant poem. cheers Sylvie.
A poem of awesome proportions, the sheer delight in knowing that we can be of a service that helps others, you have written this with much feeling and you sound like a wonderful friend to know Love Duncan X
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