ND (9/4/1993 / Oxford)

Girl Without A Heart

Embedded in the Earth
A box of six feet
She lays

Cold, Bled, Ripped
A wuthering, wearing rock
Chiseled with words from her daughter

'Heidi, Loved by everyone,
Will always be missed'
And all is said

Among the weary living
A stoop shouldered man steps to browse
At the foot of such a sick lump

She looked at me before
When she sprayed me with smoke
Ringing me like maggots to fresh meat

And the path of her skirt fell open
I put my hand where darkness abides
The tips of my extensions

Fingering the cracks
Till her eyes rolled back
But now she rests opened

I saw her on the field
With another hand on her opened eye
Ankles grappling with the dirty oats

Her face was everywhere that summer
As I prayed for St. Jude's call
Sickened with the perfume of vibrance

I took a blade
And slit out her heart
The bottom of her breast opens

Gaping, while I tore out her passion, until her face
Was bleached, except those blue eyes blackened
I shovelled out my prize

And at home it withered into knots of tissue
I'm not the man she that I'd be
That's why she rests now with a slit of vice

I do believe that I had no choice
You had the nerve and now you're paying the price
Of your misdeeds as you sweltered into a ball

After these years of forcing
Spat out by you when you buried our hatchet
I gave you wings and you flew away

Sticking yourself together with glue
And at least one of us is still here to say
'Oh, how I miss you'

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Comments (2)

The imagery and description touches my soul, to believe that those precious moments are not all buried along with the subject whom you have depicted so so well in here.Great piece I must say.
wow, it's really cold and kind. i think you write very lyrically. awesome poem < 10