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KS (march 16 1993 / maine)


why do you act that way?
giving us those looks
we're sorry that your threatened
it's not like he's gonig to leave you
he's to terified
we tried to be nice
you have no idea about the sport
why do you act that way?
acting like your better than us
who are you to say?
do you see us stealing boyfriends?
do you see us starting rumors and picking out peoples flaws when you're the one with the most?
I don't understand
why do you act that way?
I don't toward you
I don't care about you
but I'm nice
we could of been friends if you didn't ruin it in the begining
I will still talk to him
you can't stop me
we both love the same thing
that thing that you two don't have in common
so tell me......
why do you have to act that way?

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nice poem. Kinda reminds me of an old boyfriend... lol keep it up