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Girls Become Young Women

Girls become young women and lovely to behold
But to time lose their beauty as they do grow old
Then they use hair dyes and makeup to fight time's decay
But the look of freshness of youth as they age with them does not stay

They dress well and look well to try to please their ageing man
Who is losing the libido of youthful elan
He is not the great lover that he used to be
Which is not very good for his male vanity

Yet despite his ageing wife's best efforts to stay young his eyes begin to stray
To every young beauty that passes his way
Looking younger and fresher than his ageing rose
But then no harm in looking one does have to suppose

It is true that many ageing males of their ageing wives tire
And look at women half of their age with thoughts of desire
Though showing their years and well past their physical prime
In their desire to feel younger they rage against time

The attractive young woman with lots of female guile
Charms the old bloke with her beautiful smile
But she too will try to look younger for her man one day
Though his eyes towards far younger women will stray.

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