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Girls Wear Pink

I can wear pink skirts and little high heels
I can shut my mouth when you talk and politely kneel
I can play pretend princess and wipe my mouth
I can sit in the sand and never drink stout
I can say thank you and please whenever it's due
I can stay at home all day and cook beef stew
But i'm a wild woman with the mouth of a trucker
I sleep till noon and have a sour pucker
I've been called crazy and devilish by those who don't know
If I were a bird, it'd more than likely be a crow
Daring and creative I'll wait till the night
To be who I want to be, in or out of sight
No expectations will hold a harlot down
She'll play with sharks and drink like a sink
But I will warn that if you're not careful you'll look like a clown

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