AC (September 14,1980 / Chicago, Illinois)

Giselle Is Getting Married

So I hear you’re getting married.
Wow! how have you’ve grown.
So as you know what type of person I am.
here goes the support I’ve never shown.

May God bless you and you know who.
In all good things that you do.

May he be beside you
Thru thick and thin.
As forever he remain true
always managing your heart to win.

May he look out after your nights
And especially rescue you
through all of your frights.

May God bless you with such happiness
That will follow the rest of your life.
May God bless you with wisdom
And strength as now you will be his wife.

I know this may not be important to you
I know you’ve never taken my advice
However since you are taking this big step…
Just know from experience my words are no lies.

May he be the right one for your soul.
Eternal partner forever more.
And God willing he has been
what you have been waiting for.

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