I give
I give until it hurts
Til all that’s left is a hollow mess of flesh
I give until I have nothing left inside for me
Inside out and in again
And still it is not enough
He wants more
His expectations exceed my capabilities
So I give to measure up
I give things I don’t even have
I give it all in hopes it will be all he needs and wants
He says he loves me…but I don’t feel love
He says he needs me …but I don’t feel needed
I am in love, but I am alone
I am in a relationship that does not exist
So I give more
Hoping that he’ll choose me
Begging once more for his touch, that I mistake for closeness
I give all of myself and it is not enough
I am empty and still keep giving
He takes it all and gives me nothing

by P.M. Rocha

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