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Give A Child...

Proudly for Seth ~ Ryan who graduated as
an Aerospace Engineer last week!

Give a child a great education
You give them the world

Give a child science and math
You give them access

Give a child a sense of wonder
You give them joy

Give a child poetry, paint, l.e.d.s, aluminum foil and sparkles
You give them creativity

Give a child accountability
You give them integrity

Give a child an understanding of spirit
You give them faith

Give a child an entire community
You give them responsilbility

Give a child your undivided time
You give them security

Give a child a life by example
You give them the map for success

Give a child hugs
You give them love!

~May 26,2006
Mountaintop Cottage, Tennessee

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A child needs nothing more! Ask me...lol...cuz ain't i still a kid? *wink* You've got it perfect Debora! ....and the last 2 lines..were the icing on the cake! Preets
Lovely poem Debora, the last stanza is probably the most important from a childs viewpoint.
And give an audience a wonderful heart-felt poem with much wisdom contained and they will show you there appreciation for such words with a 10! ! ! keep going Debora the path looks great from here, full of flowers and warmer hours love Duncan x