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Give Me A Reason
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Give Me A Reason

Poem By Jennifer Alejandra

give me a reason to try
to fix whats been broken inside

give me a reason to hear
anything that you are saying to me here

give me a reason to live
when there's nothing more i can give

give me a reason to move on
when i'm not even strong

give me a reason to care
when they never even share

give me a reason to speak
when my lips are just to weak

give me a reason to trust
when i have no guts

give me a reason to smile
When nothing here is really worthwhile

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Comments (2)

You are a brilliant poet. You have mad skills. But still that isn't the reason you are looking for, is it? The reason you are looking for does not come from others. It comes from deep within. You can search the whole world over and ask a million people but the answer to live on is not in them but in you. You must look within and see the beauty that God has put there. It is not enough for us to see it. You have to see it for yourself.
coool... these could be fab lyrics......really try it guitar in hand.. :) sat