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Give Me A Sign

time is going by slowly
it's precious
how can it be so meaningless
i don't want to waste it in this way.
GOD help me come out
i have to break this wall
come out of myself
find another way.
i don't have anything to say
not even a prayer.
when i was a child, believed in you
and paradise
my father died, so young
so there must be an answer to my whys
my mother left
i grown up by my grand ma and pa
they had not enough time to be by my side
i had an ugly nanny
not only in face, but also her heart
but she was good in suffering us
they used to play cards
one night, she hurt me, i cried hard
i was waiting for mom to come
i used to go under a wardrobe
when i was upset
it was cold there
without a carpet
she didn't come.
i told
GOD i will never forget this night.
i believed in you
like a father to me
in my loneliness and hard time.
now i search every where
did you leave me here alone in pain
the pain of today and yesterday
living a meaningless life in despair
where is my faith
where's my father gone
give me a sign
where's your paradise.

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