Give Me Some

Inspired by Debra Kraft

Surrender mind, down on two knees,
feeling so very randy;
thought focused, homing on,
flesh as sweet as tasty candy;
eyes, watch quivering lips,
a breath, sure comes in handy;
will, is swept aside,
excitement moment's, modus operandi.

Watched, is flutter of breath,
breathe in flush of flesh;
tension tender, in hot touch,
mind's wonderment, bled fresh;
auras, soon combine to one,
sweat's rain begins to thresh;
webs of passion, mind's one eye,
tease taunts, as two enmesh.

Tried is tether, moan's last control,
lost is mind in heat;
look is pull, beyond heart's law,
huge zeal for meal petite;
savoury steaming, closes eyes,
sweet musky scents excrete;
sapidity, bursts cummy mound,
in mouth a taste so sweet.

Stood astride my lifted chin,
gasp rise, plied triple-tongue;
whimpers, seek complete release,
cacoethes weeps meringue;
tension thrusts uplifted leg on face,
plys dance merengue;
hips, slap kneeling host,
on hungry soul casts pishogue.

Oh, thought to grant that wish,
now, not later as you ask;
treats bottled for time anon,
turn stale in pocket flask;
sloe fruits, ripened tastes,
expect joys pleasuring bask;
give me, some sweetness on a stick,
put my skills to task.

by Michael Walkerjohn

Comments (1)

You're a pervert with an I.Q over 200! Jokes aside. You've cleverly twisted these words together as you string the reader along all along knowing they know what it means but they dare to read it when nobodies around so they can let their minds wander over all the metaphors and allusions on this page. Nicely done. I dig it.