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Give Me The Strength To Accept I Am Weak
AJ ( / New York)

Give Me The Strength To Accept I Am Weak

They lived their lives thinking they were strong, lived life believing they would never fail or fall.

Love makes our realistic vision a blur, it makes the strongest
Start to feel decrepit, and converts the wise king into a foolish gypsy that is guided by his heart and that has blinded his very own mind!

The very thought of his own strength amazed him.
Until a lovers embrace turned his bones in to ash with her
Hot blood. Her bewitching voice had him on his knees.

His wet tongue and lusciously nectarous lips were the cause
Of her sudden death. He whispered in her ear a euphoric lullaby
That captivated every inch of her, when all he was saying was..
' I love you.'

They shared a pure and sincere love that was undisguised.
They wrote stories with their eyes, they wrote of their epic adventure of love with one passionately erotic kiss.

But they both died in this tale, but they keep walking about, no
Not in spirit, but in flesh. For it was their souls that slowly past
Away. Now wearing black robes, they hide behind life, and live behind the shadow of pain, sorrow, guilt and
But holding on to the fragile string of hope for love of tomorrow,
That many let go of!

But not all is lost, they still sing loves mystifying song.
For now, love is the is their curse, passion is their burden,
Their plague, reminding them they should have been strong, now they must accept that they are weak.

Give them the strength…

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