Please Stay

I don't like your silence
you know
and I don't feel so comfortable

but maybe you have some reason
to be like this,

there is not any problem for me
that we can't meet
I know as well as you

that it can be difficult
but I love you
and my life really started

from the time you came but
if you don't feel good with me
you can go

Oh no please stay
Forget it what I just said
Never go away
Please stay

I need you so much
To live
You are this one for me

Who i can trust and love
and understand
and be real with

Please don't go
How I love you
How I love

Every single inch of you
Your every thought
You are my love

You are the part of me
Don't forget it
You understand me well

You can accept me as I'm
Even this what you said at the start
About all these mythologies around

You dont believe in
Makes me sure
That we are both as one

You can play and live as me
You can understand everything
All I want to do

Is just to dance with you
So, please stay
And come to me someday

I want this so much
I can't imagine my life without

Here inside my heart and soul
Here within all dreams I have
Because of you

by Anna Cellmer

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death is not the end but just r=the beginning of a new journey heavenly good write