EVM (April 24,1880 (I wish) / Moscow)

Give Me Your Paw, So I Would Have Good Luck! ('To Kachalov’s* Dog' - Free Style Translation From S. Esenin)

Hey, give me your paw, so I would have good luck!
I have not seen a paw like that for ages
Lets sit together quietly and bark,
Bark at the moon at stillness of the night

Hey, give me your paw, so I would have good luck!
Come on you silly, don’t lick my fingers
You don’t know what my life is like
And if it is worth a dime; and I don’t know either

Your owner is so famous and cool
His friendly home is always full of guests
And every one of them is smiling like a fool
And tries to pet you by your plushy fur

You are a devilishly handsome dog
You are so pleasantly naïve and fun
Without asking anyone a thing
As if you’re drunk, you’re kissing everyone

My dear dog, among your fancy guests
All kinds of different people you can find
And what about her, who got so quiet recently and sad,
Has she by any chance stopped by?

She will, my dog, I promise you she will
Please in my absence look into her eyes
And kiss her hand with tenderness I feel
And ask her to forgive me for the things I’ve done...
And things I have not done

1925 (transl. Nov 11,05)
*A Famous Actor

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good post. (plus 10)
Lovely, indeed! it goes with a real swing. Congratulations.
lovely. Thank you for the education 10 for clarity. Smiling Tai