~give My Heart Away.

I think I'm barely in one piece,
Parts are missing,
And some arent part of me.
I build up this wall,
Just to hide myself away.

I'll tell you.. I dont wanna get hurt.. or feel the pain.
I'm tired of love,
But yet you make me love again..
I'm sorry for not being able to love you whole..
Cuz i dont know where im at..
And i doubt i kno where to go...

I'm afraid to love,
For what has happened before,
But the simple word you speak of..
takes my heart away..

I know I love you,
That is true.

Sorry for i cant find the rest of me..
My heart is barely in one piece..
But you heal me..
So when im healed..
With every sweet word you say..
On that one day..
I'll give my heart away..
To you..

Then, I'll love you whole,
With all my heart..
And all my soul.

by Dislocated Heart

Comments (2)

very sweet poem babe i luv it luv u 2 its cute great peice written deep within ur soul enjoyed every bit
Ohmygod! BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love it! And I'm jealous of the girl who gets you! Peace out, Lexi Baby