Give Peace A Chance

The sky is blood dimmed.
The war cries deafening.
As the clouds break into a violent thunder,
the white dove tries hard to stay in flight.
The screen of hope shatters into a million pieces,
each shard pierces into an innocent life.

Every bomb that explodes, the child shivers,
“Why do they fight? ” he asks.
He just can’t figure the worth of the violent babble.
Eyes wide with fear, he hides behind his mother.

Nevertheless, they slay souls with their thoughtlessness
Sentinels of peace they aver themselves to be
The beasts, no idea of peace they have.

Why is it hard to realize the futility of it all?
Spare the humanity the pain.
Give peace a chance, cross the divide.
True peace in the world, not just a delusion.
But someday will actually be…

by aditi jain

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