JB (07/01/89 / bellefonte pennsylivania united states)

Give Them An Angel.

Lost upon this earth where men and women dwells
and yet not to many are truly happy

soo many have died from their own too hands
without the guidence of an angel they needed too badly

hearts full of woe body tearing down from themselves
and still no one cares as long as it doesn't invovle them

but still think of their family all the tear that will be shed
open your hearts to the people who might be doing this

they might be strangers
you might not even know them
but still all of those tears may never falls
all because of the sorrow they may go through
please be there angel keep them alive try to help them

before it may be too late for their angel to finally come
the angel they need to lift their heart from the dreadful woe

and please keep them alive
they deserve that chance atleast once
even to know what they will miss
even when they go

for fathers that could be all their children
for brothers their mother and father brother and sister that still care
everyone still needs someone just to keep them giong

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