Give Them Cake From The Baker

I've been told,
There is an ethical approach to poetry...
That is both etiquette and acceptable.
And yet...
Those who express this clinical direction,
Seem not to be able to define...
Poetic limitations.
If it does not expose the comforts,
Of either prose or rhyme,
Or addresses a particular interest to reflect...
Emotions scented with a retrospective.

'Give them cake from the baker!
And not just the crust from which to taste.'

I have these 'nagging' questions.
Would that be whole wheat flour?
Or all purpose and enriched?
Is the baker qualified with a certificate?
Would the crust be frosted? ~

Wouldn't that depend on who critiques?
And who has the ability to influence,
What it is others should or should not 'eat'? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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