Give Them No Credit

Maybe it is believed,
Those who have achieved success...
Seek attention,
From those of mediocre ambitions?

'That doesn't make sense!
None of it.'

Perhaps it is perceived,
Their expressions of jealousy and envy...
Will attract those of peace of mind,
To want to be around them all the time.

'That sounds just as sick as your first explanation.'

Then maybe they are just crazed.
And they are given too much attention.
Perhaps you are 'feeling' them with empathy...
Not realizing insanity has already smothered them enough.
And you are trying to find an excuse,
That gives them a purpose for their existence.

'There has to be a reason why God made pests!
Something my mind has not been able to digest! '

You should give your mind a rest.
And give them no credit for being near one.
And leave whatever they are or are not,
It is obvious they are attempting to addict you.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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