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Give Up Or Get Up!
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Give Up Or Get Up!

I could have tried harder, but got frustrated.
Should have known better, but I hesitated.
All this confusion Lord I truly hate it.
Can't seem to do anything right I feel so degraded.
I'm walking on shaky ground I'm the one who laid it.
Barried in debt I owe because I never paid it.
Now I'm in a hole feeling violated.
Please take me now Lord my time has faded.

For what purpose Lord was I created?
I didn't bite the apple it was Adam and Eve who ate it.
Now I feel like the one who's being baited.
Nonetheless my heart belongs to God, for the world I will not trade it!
I won't give up Jesus your mercies not outdated.
All have sinned but you're blood has overweighed it.
It's all for your glory Lord I won't debate it.
Because without you Lord I would have never made it..

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