Love's Present Moments

Your precious love touches me interiorly, giving desires
heightened feelings, intensely wanting to be held by you,
my love.

Seeing your eyes looking into mine, touching my soul,
defining our love within totally and completely, casting
glances into the atmosphere, watching as they meet.

Touching one another, fulfilling our feelings for each
other and no one else, striving to be always together, we
have no past, no future, only the present moments.

Holding, kissing, ourselves becoming one in the passion
of this well-defined and beautiful love that we share so
intimately together.

How wonderful it makes me feel when being touched by your
loving being, giving me such feelings of contentment, it
is unexplainable and delicious at the same time.

Unique and sublime, taking us forward through the night
as we continue making our love known to each other, loving
and keeping our vision under lights of the Divine.

There we will always be one in spirit no matter whether we
are here on earth or have gone beyond it to our realities
in heaven.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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