Give Your Art To Jesus

What tools are you using now
To sculpt, to draw, to live?
The type of art you're working with
Is what you have to give

Your brush may be a shovel
Your canvas, Mother Earth
Your brush may be a stethoscope
Your canvas, someone's birth

Your brush may be a pencil
Your canvas, empty sheets
Your brush may be a Bible
Your canvas, empty seats

Your brush may be a loving word
Your canvas, someone's hate
Your brush may be God's healing touch
Your canvas, 'It's too late'

Your brush may be a school book
Your canvas, some young mind
Your brush may be a search for truth
Your canvas, what you find

The artists fill the world
Creative juices flow
Take your brush and canvas now
And paint until you know

Paint the world better
Paint for world peace
Let Jesus change perceptions
He will give us sweet release

Give your art to Jesus
He'll change reality!
THEN draw the pictures that you feel
THEN draw what you would see

by Vic Zarley

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