I would like to give something and have nothing instead
I would like to be strong your power
I would like to be united in union of yours
I would like to exist in entity of yours
I would like to command conquer and never reach the border to rule myself
for freedom, for charity love, for exist.
To drink the power in expectation and render
In wedding love and eternal life without end
To the end of me myself, to the curb where cross is standing and waiting on You
To God who calling you to unity, to harmony, to forgiveness, to forgetfulness
To marriage souls which is given immortal forever
So beautiful never renewed absolutely very unique
Time has stopped and all your trouble has been lost in the past and never come back
infinite and so far away
Nothing would be very important very painful very significant and ponderable
You are now an eyewitness of a running duration.

by Irena Mierzwa

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