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Given Up On You! !
BK (2-23-89 / Washington)

Given Up On You! !

Look at this,
Look at what you did to me.

You said you loved me,
You said you needed me,
but it was all pretend.

I know now what I didn't know before,
you always lied,
you always cheated,
you even had a chick on the side.
I dont know why I even try.

I try to keep it up,
but you know what!
I've given up! !

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Comments (4)

im really feeling this poem its great as it explores lots of true feeling most may feel your good at this so keep it up ;)
Brandi, this piece personifies frustration... evident from beginning to end. Great write! ! Brian
Woah woah woah! ! ! Not feeling this whole 'anti-guy' thing here! ! ! : P Some of us are ok! *pouts* Honestly pet, you sound like you're better off without this guy. It sounds a deep relationship, but on your part only. It's impressive, though, that you can express your feelings on it. Liking it a lot. Dan x x x
Boys are so stupid! i'm sorry about you ex (i'm guessing? ?) but yeah, boys are so retarded, they don't know what they have untill they dont have it anymore!