The joy of Giving,
Of giving from what we reap,
The joy of parting,
With things we’d love to keep.

Why do we do it?
Why does it feel good?
Why is it so cleansing?
Why is it that we should?

Sharing is so pleasant,
There’s enough for everyone,
Giving from the heart,
Makes us feel like one.

We give for those,
Who do not have enough,
We give to those,
Whose lives are pretty tough.

We give away our toys,
We give our away books,
We give away our money,
We give away our looks.

Our looks of concern,
Our looks of empathy,
Our looks of hope,
Our looks of sympathy.

And still the supply,
It never seems to end,
We always seem to have,
So much that we can send.

And even when we’ve sent,
The feeling doesn’t go,
Of wanting to give further,
We want so much to show.

To show we really care,
To give for our Creator,
It’s all from Him we know.
For He is our Sustainer.

To Him we will return,
We want for Him to trust,
That we gave thanks,
From what He gave to us.

by Aisha Sherazi

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can i read it to my class please i begg