Giving Disease

Passing the sickness
Chicken Pox, Measles, and Mumps
Willyou spread your's or rather everbody else's
Other diseases are social
Be an outcast, you might be
But Measles are all I see
On you, on your body
Social Illness can be you illusion
An illusion to pass the fact that you have Chicken Pox
Disasterpiece or masterpiece is what you decide
For I am not sick
Do not pass it around I beg
I do not want spots on my arms and legs
Don't let a sore throat bring you down
Although you will surely frown
No matter what disease it seems to be
It lurks around and will spread to me
Diseases are my only contagion.

by Stephen Black

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Men... This poem made me stop eatin my food keep writtin young 1