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Giving Him Away

Giving Him Away

Poem By Davina Vanessa Rivas

Oh before you take my baby away
Give me the chance to say
That I loved him
I never wanted to give him away
I just couldn’t take care of him
I feel this is better for him
I never wanted to give him away
But I want the best for him
If the answer was wrong
I’m very sorry my son
You are my child
And you are my blood
I love you my baby boy
So please grow big and strong
One day hopefully you’ll understand
Why I gave you up
My pride my heart and joy
My prefect little boy
I love you
And I’ll miss you
Maybe one day we’ll met again
And give you my reasons
Why I gave you away
When you grow up
Please grow with my love
That I leave with you
When you grow
Please remember I’m always with you
I love you my baby boy
My perfect little angel

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Wow...this is soo sad....im left speechless. I hope you didn't have to go through such horrible pain. This was a deeply emotionally moving poem Davina, it broke my heart when i read such sad words....I hope you do get to see your baby incase this is true. Best Wishes, Evelyn: ]