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Giving Tax Breaks To Billionaires

Any government will not save the economy by marginalizing the children of the lesser god
The disadvantaged of the nation the poor and down-trod
And giving tax breaks to billionaires and bankers people of any financial help not in need
It does not help the economy by rewarding the privileged breed
Government for the wealthy does not make for good sense
The wealthy getting wealthier at poor peoples sense
Since the super wealthy their wealth are reluctant to share
The government are not helping the economy by financing the billionaire
And placing the burden of budgetary repair
On the incomes of the working poor and of those on welfare
Government cutbacks on the marginalized only gives rise to crime
So many poor people in jail serving time
Giving tax breaks to billionaires does not make for good economic sense
The wealthy getting wealthier at poor peoples expense.

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Damn true! this poem stabs right at the heart of one of the greatest injustices of our ages, the disenfranchised get more marginalized at the high rise fat cats wont pay their own tax. Fantastic poem the message should be read by all.