Giving Up

Now that things are over between me and you. i don't know what else to do. I tell myself that I'm ok, but in my heart things aren't so great. I knew something was wrong when you wasn't calling me on the phone. I don't understand, why anit I right for you? If I'm not, who? It piss me off more when you acked like you care. How could you care when you wasn't there? I don't understand what I did wrong. I always called you on the phone. It's you who didn't return my phone calls. Really I don't understand where did I fall? I needed someone to talk to. I couldn't talk to my friend, but she just made me more and more piss. In my mind i kept thinking how could you she be so careless. Maybe it's love because there are no more things I can think of. Lord, is their someone out for me. That would except me for my personality.

by Hello World

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