JE (08.05.1990 / )

Giving Up

Two o'clock in the morning
And I'm lying awake
Slowly realising
that you were fake

Three o'clock in the morning
And I still can't sleep
Reasons for this treason
I seek

Four o'clock in the morning
And I'm chocking on a dream
Listening loudly
to my silent scream

Five o'clock in the morning
Falling out of bed
Hurting my head from
the things that I said

Six o'clock in the morning
Ending this sleepless night
Making the decision that
my words were justified

Seven o'clock in the morning
I don't care any longer
I hope that one day
this shit will make me stronger

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Comments (3)

this is really good well done i really enjoyed it. keep writing you have a lot of talent.
wow this is a great poem. i like the progression of this piece. keep up the GREAT job
This is a fine piece, true feelings and put down well..makes a good read. well done, keep writing..nice work. Stay strong Jon