Giving Up The Ghost

This week so far, is not so good,
My plans aren't going as they should,
Whatever I hope will go my way,
Must be ‘put on hold' for another day.

My Housing hasn't yet been sorted out,
However I rave, however I shout,
Those Council Chaps seem not to care,
But to threaten them ~ I do not dare.

My new Client is now on line,
To start with him this week, is fine,
Provided the tools to do his work,
Are sent by the suppliers, ~ I'll not shirk.

To turn around my finances will not be easy,
The thought of failure makes me feel queasy,
But, given time I will succeed,
As long as I'm determined, I'll proceed.

The final straw occurred today,
My Disabled Parking Badge was delayed,
The Form submitted was lost in the post,
I think I might as well ~ ‘Give Up The Ghost'.

Copyright (c) Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 16 January 2006

by Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

Comments (2)

charming even the bits of hardship troubling your soul at this moment but below resides joy simply being alive as your wonderful narrative implies a fine poem
I enjoyed this, real slice of life -Graham