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Giving Up What You Really Want Ii

Listen, sweet pet
The reason you are finding it hard
To get over a past love
Is because you still want it

Trying to give up your past love is like suicide
You know you want to live
But feel as though you can’t cope

That’s why it’s hard
For you to discard that old flame

Things may not be the same
A new relationship is your aim
Your present love you’ve claimed
Your mind yet drifts to the past

Where you had what you wanted
Contentment you flaunted
While you bathed in the splendor of
Your woman and the love she bestowed

If you had given up, you would no longer want
You still want because you haven’t given up

Eventually you will draw the past
Into the present with you and your new love
It will destroy what could have been

Giving up what you really want is
Loving someone you don’t love

by Josephine DixonBanks

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