Glasnost Slices

Glasnost slices

Rational mind
makes sense of loss.
when down comes,
when the moon
dismantles the darkness.

Do what you are afraid to do
When love comes
Never too late to say
I love you

Each time is a gift
Live a life
The road uphill isn't
The road downhill
Love day
is hard and short

The moon in the day
Like Jellyfish
Out of the water

Hopelessness like a bird
Without song
Let love goes to feed soul
And heat
Then the curled will blossom

When fire and flood
You can't find peace
Grief is a rollercoaster
The pain will come waves
Some days worse than others

With hope of pleasure
Little by little
You will find your stream
Hold your love high
Doen't be afraid of the darkness

Blue sky
Is the end of storm
Fly through the fog
Wolk through the flood
Dream of peace will not be tossed

Larbi Houmaidi@06

by larbi Houmaidi

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