(1987- / Groton, Connecticutt)

Glass Candle Stains

Her kiss was like the flame onto the wick.
Slow burning, flickering left, then right.
The wick becomes engulfed.
Devoured by it's presence.
The shadows cast becomes witness to love at first sight.
influenced, it finds another shadow to partake in this special moment.
Dancing in light and dark hues reenacting the slightest movement.
The wick blossoms. Welcoming itself to the open flame.
In an shortage of oxygen, an crackling sigh withers at the root of the wick.
It gives itself freely.
Their breath coming together as one.
The candle melts down.
Wax slowly dripping down it's side.
Soon to be drowned in an everlasting kiss.
The residue of her lips to mine, left to stain the glass

by Kewayne Wadley

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