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Glass Flowers
L (11-03-1977 / )

Glass Flowers

So it shall be
Unto those mothers,
Whose hearts have been broken over time.

That the shards of their hearts
Shall be mended, and fashioned from such,
Glass Flowers by their children who held them so high.

Because in righteousness
They sought God,
And, Showed unto their children the same;

In the ashes of their broken shards
Shall grow un-wilting petals
That shall illuminate her soul.

In the stem are her children
And the bud her good works,
That shall flower forth

And, be plucked by angels
To be given unto God as a most precious gift.

Oh those meek and gentle mothers
Shall live forever as daughters of the light,
And, shall bear the noble weight of divine protector,

In the garden of her posterity
Those holy Mothers;
Brilliant: Glass Flowers.

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