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Glass Globe (8th May 2004)
SCS (17th August 1988 / Solihull)

Glass Globe (8th May 2004)

Poem By Sarah Capella Smith

What is the body
But a chamber?
Piercing my skin
Will make you grin?

You will need no magnifying glass
To give my face a skim.
And as you can see by now
My blood has found it easier to
No quake may corrupt.
I have been ripped at the seams.

No matter how strongly the sun beats
Down with it’s beams
And the creator fills the land with
Think, honey-spilled sunshine
There isn’t a way that power is such mine.

Feed me! Feed me! Feed me….caffeine.
I haven’t given up yet!
But I’ll be gone one day soon
When I’ll no longer be in the
Space child’s play room…

I enclose myself in very thick shell, not a balloon.
Cannot burst my expression.
Zoom out, ooze exploration, expand horizons.
See how I trance
With my toys, trickle your eyes.
Make my embarrassing wounds dance.

Some of you crave my apperance
And crawl with natures finest feet
To trace my beauty.
The moon was a pearl in my eye, she gave me a creed
And understood that
I was not the only one…
…In need.

She told me,
“You must trust no-one as no-one trusts you, ”
My newly made deep scar
Begins to bleed.
She’s drifted away now and
With only just given clear-cut message
My cuts and grazes
Are up, fresh and dressed.

Do you know what I am so fortunate about not being blessed
Do you really think I want to hear the abuse
You all have favour of in use?

Tread lightly, your hurting me!
That’s mean…
Come and slash me loose.
Don’t you know that I too have a heart?
Different formation, clock in the middle, important part.
Why make my wounds start
To smart?

You can huff and puff but I too want to cart
Away my troubles.
Life for you is as easy as popping bubbles.
My problems are at the oceans full
While yours are mearly puddles!

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