PD (1-13-1983 / Pine Bluff, AR)

Glasses Half Empty

They are glasses half empty,
and hearts half full,
riding their dreams until their courage fails them,
stopping halfway
and wondering what to do after they have-
'been there, done that'
though it is never quite true because a dream,
it never ends
and they are only human.
They tagged the stars with their childhood
and gave way to the politic when they-
'grew up'
They kissed the moon with fleeting lips...
And when all had been said and done
they did not feel as if they had accomplished,
or even set out to do.
and when then, the challenge was pressed...
they threw it all to the wind
and lay down to die.

by Poet Dragon

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Comments (2)

A 10 as well as it's a great poem.
Appeal to another generation perhaps? Is there bitterness there? A 10!