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Glassy Eyed
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Glassy Eyed

Those divine fragments
Of beauty
In your eyes,
Remainders of
Former radiance,
Maybe even perfection,
By their words.

As unique as a snowflake
In spring
Which the sun melts
Because it is unique.
So too the world is cruel.

They envied your
And did their absolute best
To squelch it
Before it outshone both them
And the sun.
And you cried.

Yet even your tears
Were jewels,
Moonstones and pearls
Pouring from your
Sapphire eyes
Only to cascade down
Your ivory cheeks

Ugly, you were deemed
By those who
Couldn’t understand
Why you were blessed
And they were not.

And with their taunting
You began to realize
You were indeed
Hideous, in fact
Borderline on unspeakable
And indeed you did

While I watched,
My eyes reflecting your tears
Which were no longer
As they once were.
Those who had ruined you
Moved on
To better, more beautiful targets
For their work was
Or so they thought.

For as I wept,
As your hand found mine
As you smiled,
Your beauty shone through
Your eyes.
Your diamond eyes,
Cut and chiseled
So that they were even more
Than before.

And as I stared
In wonder,
At this change, this phenomena,
I saw my reflection
Mirrored in your eyes
Of shattered glass.

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