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Gleaming Towards Something
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Gleaming Towards Something

Poem By August de Leon

standing when you are sitting is wrong
walking when your running is giving up
talking when you are silent is saddening
inhaling and exhaling is breathing life

tracking down love is a forever journey
making a mood is not a decision, not a choice
listening to the soft strums of a guitar is transcendent relaxation
looking at the sky is peace at mind and here on ground level, let me reach the sky

forgiveness makes a new bond of understanding
silence is a sleep while you are awake, a step away
laying in bed while awake, thinking, feeling like dreaming
closing ones eye seeing more than it wide open

rather dancing then just moving
rather tell than keeping the darkness within
crying while smiling better than really sadly frowning, crying
dim light, taking time back from the point of being lost

opening the window is better when it is closed
light upon the shadow gives me happy thoughts
reeling in the one big bait, waiting for dreams to catch it
subtly waiting, eyes closed, waiting in a enlightening fashion

loving when your hating is corruptible
being good while doing the bad things, lost within souls
dreading while yearning is a forever game of waiting
day dreaming while the sun is at ones face, wind blowing, is a paradise

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Comments (2)

Hey, I loved it and the contradiction made perfect sense every time you strummed it. Delilah
Nice piece of meditation in poetic expression! High marks.