Glee—the Great Storm Is Over


Glee—The great storm is over—
Four—have recovered the Land—
Forty—gone down together—
Into the boiling Sand—

Ring—for the Scant Salvation—
Toll—for the bonnie Souls—
Neighbor—and friend—and Bridegroom—
Spinning upon the Shoals—

How they will tell the Story—
When Winter shake the Door—
Till the Children urge—
But the Forty—
Did they—come back no more?

Then a softness—suffuse the Story—
And a silence—the Teller's eye—
And the Children—no further question—
And only the Sea—reply—

by Emily Dickinson

Comments (3)

........most wonderful, love this ★
I think it was R. Frost who said, 'A poem should begin in delight & end in wisdom.' The conclusion of this poem must be one of the most perfect endings in literature.
I interpreted this poem as an allegory to war, and what a beautiful poem it is.