The night Glenda died I was filled
with internal trauma
It was also the night of my 77th birthday celebration
Cool breezes circled splashing waves
as we motored out into the Gulf of Mexico

We left as winter temperatures changed
from morning's 60s to 80 in the afternoon
sails were lifted as we headed out on a beam reach
the first time I had enjoyed such an occasion
in my new home - after a lifetime of sailing

Ironically, stories of our interconnectedness
were told during our tacks
And when sunset finally appeared
I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt
that you were with me - in your final hooray

A final tribute to our 60 years together
Of love and support
Of crying and uncontrollable laughter
As we swam with dolphins
cruising against unbelievable sunsets

Good-by dear friend - who flew between time and space
with words left unsaid - yet so totally understood
Our college, lovers, marriages, children and grandchildren
We understood them all - you and I
Rest in peace in the twilight of our lives

You were the only person left,
after all of these decades
that really knew my heart and I yours.
You were always here for me - -
what am I do do? ? ? ?

by Nancy Terrell

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