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Glimmer Of Hope. By Sonam Bhutia
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Glimmer Of Hope. By Sonam Bhutia

From every dusk to dawn,

I have been traveling,

Through the deep woods…

And every scorching summer,

To every freezing winter,

I stumbled against untold afflictions En-route.

Nevertheless, I found no sign of success.

But elsewhere I behold a glimmer of hope,

That there shall be tomorrow again,

That the sun will shine as usual,

That the flowers shall bloom as in every spring,

And the new morning will once again bring a fine day.

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Comments (3)

Hope springs eternal in the human breast. Good poem
ah. in a sense, sonam, what else can be said? you've sated the perennial theme of life, simply, archetypally.
Nice poem Sonal, at least as a poet we should keep burning the flame. Keep writing good things-smiles