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Glistening Hill

I stand at the top of a glistening hill
Staring down it's shining slope
With my board beneath my feet
I am the master of my fate

I exhale anxiously, sliding forward
I am off! Down the daunting path
The wind whistles through my hair
My eyes fixed on the ramp

I crash! Flying forth from my board
I tumble through the damp snow
Laughing and shouting, I stand up
And return to the top from where I came

I try again and again, each time crashing
Growing frustrated and focused
I start up again and fly quickly now
Knees bent and back leaned, I hit the ramp

I soar! And for a split second, I swear
I am no longer a man, but a bird
Flying above this glistening hill
And once again I start up the slope

by Casey Stewart

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