Glitches To Fix

I would like to take,
Just a few minutes of this meeting...
To express my heartfelt gratitude,
For your unwavering support...
That allowed and enabled me,
The win over my opponent...
I am more than excited to show,
An ownership of it you will come to know.
With glitches to fix,
None of you wont soon forget.

Let's get down to the seriousness,
Of business.

Most of you will become disappointed,
To learn...
Promises I made to say could and would,
Be delivered?
As that old saying goes,
Promises made are not always kept.
Some are done and others are left,
To expect.
But that's the way the ball bounces.
No one knows when a strong wind blows.
And when that ball bounces to return back?
No one really knows about that.

And just for a second,
I'd like to mention something personal.
You all have no idea,
How my eyes fight back the tears.
With a pain inside to you that doesn't appear.
But drastic cuts deep to wound,
Pretentions and impressions to make...
Come to drop with a stopping them soon.
To leave no one unscathed,
By the decisions I have made.
These are the days all delusions fade away.

I want you to remember,
As this meeting comes to an end.
I am going to bring to you,
A reality unlike you've ever witnessed before.
To believe the presence of it not to forget,
For the rest of your lives.
And that is one of the promises,
I have kept to prioritize.

'You've only been the mayor,
Not even one hundred days.
You deceived us with lies.
And your masquerading ways.'

I know.
And I hope from it,
Truth eventually...
You will come to know as a benefit.
That's just one of the many glitches to fix,
You will remember done.
With a promise I will not stray,
Too far away from that commitment.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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