The Pain You Give Me Is Love

I will follow you, dark lady,
Through rainy streets
That could never dampen my desire
To be beside you,
To the small apartment
You share with your older sister;

And if your sister is at work,
I’ll slowly remove your clothes
Like Christmas wrapping paper
Until I attain the gift
Of your true pristine beauty.

I will kiss and linger at your breasts
With tears in my eyes
Like a tired and wounded soldier
Finally arriving at his peaceful home.

And If I please you,
You will bite my shoulder
Until I whimper
Like a kicked dog,

But the pain you give me is love
And I will never ask you to change.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (4)

we can't wash it off. we can't brush it off. what are we to do? the glitter is all over you. very know how to write good poems..really appreciate your work and this poem too..10/10
sally is a bit original but this poem has something that makes you take note and is another sweet, breif peice well done
this poem makes me think of pink and cute.. i like this piece krista
This made me smile. Great poem!