Glitter Vs.Gold

All that glitters is not gold,
That is what I have been told.
I've often wondered about that
And if, indeed,it is a fact.

I'm not convinced; I still don't know
But I can't just accept "I told you so."
Glitter surely catches the eye
Of many of those passing by.

Whether glitter is gold is really moot.
It suits some as a substitute.
It can cheer us up when we are sad.
Surely that is good and can't be bad.

A little glitter does not harm.
It's really no cause for alarm.
Sometimes we need what it provides;
Brightness and beauty in our lives.

At last I've reached a final conclusion,
That glitter is really a kind of illusion.
Glitter is not gold, I'll have to agree,
But it's not without value if it pleases Thee.

Still, a word of warning may be due;
Just don't let glitter overwhelm you.
Remember, gold has fine things to offer,
And no way can glitter fill your coffer!

by Mary Frances Green

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