KB (01-09-86 / D.C.)

Glittering Wings 06

It seems as if I have spent my life in darkness.
Even though many angels look in me.
The ones I have loved and lost, they guide me with glittering wings
While demons blind me with empathy.
I pay not only for my sins, but the weight of their transgression.
The double edged sword of gift and curse, consumes me.
I have seen worlds and felt extraordinary things.
Some fantastic others devastating,
but in all these worlds I lived vicariously.
It's like watching a stary sky with out the moon light.
Just souls dancing in pleasure or pain.
Always lonely but never alone, with all these emotions.
Trapped in my heart, like the the loves I have lost
and the blood I have caused.
Wondering if for once my heart may take the lead
By the grace of their glittering wings.

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